About Me

So, you’re wondering about me and this site? Well, I’m a 30-something anime, manga, and Japanese video game fan who also happens to write for a living. One thing I enjoy doing more than anything else is sharing the stuff I care about with the rest of the world. I figure that the more you spread the love, the more you ensure that the things you love keep on living.

So why does this site exist? Mainly it’s because I wanted to share my love of anime with as many people as possible. It’s also because I simply enjoy watching anime and writing about it. This site provides me with a great outlet for my desire to discuss and deconstruct everything anime and beyond.

If you’re here it means that you have some sort of interest in the medium of anime. I want you to leave my site with a deeper appreciation for a medium that too many people would dismiss out of hand. There’s so much more to anime than I could ever write down by myself, but I’ve done my best to cover as much ground as possible. I hope you like it, and be sure to invite your friends.

While right now this site is a one-man operation, I’m going to try and keep it updated with new content. So if you’ve seen everything you wanted, do come back in the future to find out what’s new.

Until then, keep on helping anime thrive outside of the small islands it has made. Only we can keep things rolling on. Spread the word and invite your friends!

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